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I am passionate about entering the artistic world of other people and enriching it with mine.

I have collaborated and I collaborate with dozens of artists, performing live, on the web, in some of the most popular Italian comedy tv shows and at corporate events for prestigious businesses.

Among the collaborations


Laura Formenti , with whom I collaborated for Sky programs  Natural Born Comedians  and Stand-up, Italia's got talent,  for Audible podcast recordings  and the shows I'm a blonde I'm not a saint (2015)  For pure Chaos (2018) and Good for being a boxer (2021)

Giovanni d'Angella, with whom I signed three shows, I collaborated in the creation of the character of the Lazy and in the numerous television appearances including those for Zelig,  Colorado , Comedy Central ,

I'm also interested in research on a wordless comedy:

For Chiara Rigamonti -  Lapettirossa,   i directed the show La Pettirossa Bubble Show (2019).

I have collaborated on numerous sketches of pasquale Cesarino - Mago Linus 

brava per essere un pugile - laura formenti - giuseppe della misericordia.jpg
Sono-una-bionda-non-sono-una-santa_ Gius
Tv-sorrisi-e-ceffoni_ Giuseppe-Della-Mis
One-Me-Show_ Giuseppe-Della-Misericordia
Non-solo-pigro_ Giuseppe-Della-Misericor
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