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Disclaimer: my plays are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

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Meet MY Dad

Translated by Julia Heim

Cast: 3F+2M

Lenght: 75 min.


Meet My Dad is about an awkward first meeting between a father and his daughter’s boyfriend. Father and boyfriend unknowingly meet earlier in the day when they have an unfortunate overlap while visiting the local sex worker. When the boyfriend meets his girlfriend’s parents that evening the event can only be described as awkward, the reasons for which remain a complete mystery to mother and daughter who seek to make sense of their partners’ behaviors while simultaneously revealing their own quirky personalities. The play then takes another unexpected turn when the daughter’s friend shows up and turns out to be the sex worker that both men had met with earlier that day.

This is a play of learning and becoming: the moment of encounter create the fire that blows up the status quo of the characters, allowing them to grow and ultimately accept one another for who they are and what they need.

Production history 

  • Professional, Theater of Lezno and Theater of Lubuski, Poland, 2023

  • Community Theater, Teatro della Corte, Milano, 2023

  • Community Theater, Compagnia Borgonovo, Torino, 2023

  • Community Theater, Compagnia Fermenti Attici, Milano, 2023

  • Community Theater, Compagnia Luna Gialla, Reggio Calabria, 2019

  • Community Theater, Compagnia I Mattattori, Varese, 2019

  • Professional, Compagnia Anna Bonomi, Varese, 2018

  • Community Theater, Compagnia Lino Conte, Taranto, 2018

  • Community Theater, Il Bazar degli Strambi, Pordenone, 2018

  • Professional, Fnil Bus Theater, Gattatico (Reggio Emilia), 2017

  • Community Theater, Avanzi di Scena, Civitavecchia (Roma), 2017

  • Community Theater, Compagnia Micromega, Verona, 2017

  • Professional, La Bilancia Produzioni, Roma, 2014



  • Best Character Actress Award - Compagnia il Bazar degli Strambi, Gran Premio FITA - Friuli Venezia Giulia , 2019

  • Best Character Actress Award - Compagnia Micromega, Festival Nazionale di Teatro "Il Mascherone" - Bolzano, 2018

  • Selection - Compagnia Micromega, Festival Nazionale "Sipario d'oro" - Trento, 2018

  • Nomination Best Actress - Compagnia Avanzi di Scena, Premio Mecenate - Lazio , 2017

  • Best Actress Award - Best Support Actress Award - Compagnia Avanzi di Scena, Premio Teatrale Nuovi Talenti - Città di Tarquinia - Lazio , 2017

  • Winner script, Una Commedia in cerca d'Autore, La Bilancia Produzioni, Roma, 2014


A Horse in the Audience

Translated by Julia Heim


Lenght: 2 min.


The first time that I noticed him it was because of a neigh. A neigh in the theater, yep! While I was reciting my monologue in front of an audience!


A Million Dollar Couple

Translated by Julia Heim with Christine mark-Balard


Cast: 1 Female + 1 Male

Lenght: 60 min.


Lisa’s life is a mess: she has a bunch of dead-end jobs, a dump of an apartment, and is newly single. Just as she’s resigned herself to a solitary life of gloom and disappointment, a million dollars appears in her bank account. When she blows most of the money on a wild shopping spree, her extravagant spending catches the eye of a banker who is set on retrieving the money and making things right. Banker Fabio is a solid dependable man who’s committed to his job and to restoring justice. With Lisa and Fabio’s clashing personalities and differing life goals, reconciling their plans and morals is simply impossible…. Or is it?

Production history in Italy

  • Professional, ArteIdea Eventi e Servizi, Velletri, Roma,  2021


  • Honorable Mention - Premio Nazionale Teatrale Achille Campanile 2020


You Don't Get It

Translated by Julia Heim

Cast: 2 characters any gender/any age

Lenght: 8 min.


You Don't Get It shows the hypocrisy and vapidness behind those for whom "taking the moral high ground" serves as justification for prejudice. The play universalizes the experience of bigotry by placing it, quite literally, out of this world. In this gender, and species fluid piece of theater, an alien allegory serves to make us question the origins of both our fears and feelings of worth, as audiences come away wondering if maybe, just maybe, we are the strange ones.


They're Just Thoughts

Translated by Julia Heim

Cast: 1F+1M

Lenght: 7 min.


They're Just Thoughts is an insightful look into the loving hypocrisies of partnership, as it unearths what lies within the minds of those couples that believe theirs is a stronger love than most. This typical end of evening scenario brings together menial tasks, deep understanding and appreciation for one's partner, and the brutal honesty of our internal homicidal desires. Viewers will most certainly relate.


The Truth

Translated by Julia Heim

Cast: 1F+1M

Lenght: 1 min.


The truth hurts, we all know it. And sometimes to save people (or maybe ourselves?) from this painful truth, drastic measures must be taken (or faken?). This brief sketch is a window into the ironies that divide truths from lies, and dictate our choices of when to opt for which


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